Join us THIS FRIDAY 6/30/23 @8:00AM @ Brevard School Board building to rally for Educational Freedom! 2700 Judge Fran Jamison Way, Viera

Big News

At the School Board Meeting today, Megan Wright made a motion to postpone the June 30th Book Review Committee citing public comment. This was re-enforced by Gene Trent, Matt Susin and Katye Campbell.

So, the meeting to review Sarah J. Maas’ “A Court of Mist and Fury” is now on hold, but we are not!

The Don’t Silence Our Voices Rally is still on for Friday, June 30th at 8 AM! It is important to send the message to the Brevard County School Board that they can cancel their meeting, but they can’t cancel our rally to silence our voice! Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly are Constitutional Protected Rights. Don’t let them take away your rights!


  1. Attend the Rally in front of the School Board Building at 8 AM. Bring signs, bring flags or just bring yourself.
  2. Did You Plan A Speak For The Meeting? Great! A volunteer will be filming speeches and they’ll be put together in one video to post online…just like the meeting would have been!
  3. Can’t Go? Do this Instead! Please email our school board members with your thoughts and feelings. Brevard School Board Members:

    Please share with your friends and family!

CDF Labels Non-Lunatics as “The Enemy”

** The Brevard chapter of CDF, who had plans on attending, has labeled anyone who thinks differently as “the enemy”

NO ONE wants pornography in school libraries.

  • Sex is not “pornography”
  • Nudity is not “pornography”
  • Rape and incest are not “pornography”

The truth is students in high schools, where these books are available, are dealing with these issues in real life.

Banning books about tough subject matters feeds the shame and lies being told by right wing extremist groups like Moms for “Liberty”, Moms for America and now Citizens Defending “Freedom.”

We are against hate speech, the purposeful spread of false information, the threats of banning more books, and how this is ruining education in BPS, across FL and the US.

We look forward to seeing you there! Please RSVP and Share on Facebook.

Support the Cause by purchasing books to stock Little Free Libraries in Brevard!